Investigation of Combination Effect Between 6 MV X Ray Radiation and Polyglycerol Coated Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles on U87-MG Cancer Cells

S Jafari, M Cheki, M B Tavakoli, A Zarrabi, K Ghazikhanlu Sani, R Afzalipour


Background: Radiosensitization using nanoparticles is proposed as a novel strategy for treatment of different cancers. Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) have been reported to enhance effects of radiotherapy in several researches. The objective of this research is to investigate the radiosensitization properties of polyglycerol coated SPIONs (PG-SPIONs) on U87-MG cancer cells.

Material and Methods: Polyglycerol coated SPIONs were synthesized by thermal decomposition method and characterized by FTIR, TEM and VSM analysis. Cellular uptake of nanoparticles by cells was examined via AAS. Cytotoxicity and radiosensitization of nanoparticles in combination with radiation were evaluated by MTT and colony assay, respectively.

Results: Mean size of nanoparticles was 17.9±2.85 nm. FTIR verified SPIONs coating by Polyglycerol and VSM showed that they have superparamagnetic behaviour. Viability significantly (P < 0.001) decreased at concentrations above 100µg/ml for SPIONs but not for PG-SPIONs (P > 0.05). Dose verification results by TLD for doses of 2 and 4 Gy were 2±0/19 and 4±0/12 Gy respectively. The combination index for all situations was less than 1 and the effect is antagonism.

Conclusion: However, PG-SPIONs combination with 6 MV X rays reduced survival of U87-MG cells compared to radiation alone but the effect is antagonism.


Combination Effect, Glioblastoma Multiforma, 6 MV X Rays, Polyglycerol Coated SPIONs, U87- MG Cell Line

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