Medical Image Fusion using BEMD and an Efficient Fusion Scheme

M Mozaffarilegha, A Yaghobi Joybari, A Mostaar


Background: Medical image fusion is being widely used for capturing complimentary information from images of different modalities. Combination of useful information presented in medical images is the aim of image fusion techniques, and the fused image will exhibit more information in comparison with source images.

Objective: In the current study, a BEMD-based multi-modal medical image fusion technique is utilized. Moreover, Teager-Kaiser energy operator (TKEO) was applied to lower BIMFs. The results were compared to six routine methods.

Methods: An image fusion technique using bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition (BEMD), Teager-Kaiser energy operator (TKEO) as a local feature selection and HMAX model is presented. BEMD fusion technique can preserve much functional information. In the process of fusion, we adopt the fusion rule of TKEO for lower bi-dimensional intrinsic mode functions (BIMFs) of two images and HMAX visual cortex model as a fusion rule for higher BIMFs, which are verified to be more appropriate for human vision system. Integrating BEMD and this efficient fusion scheme can retain more spatial and functional features of input images.

Results: We compared our method with IHS, DWT, LWT, PCA, NSCT and SIST methods. The simulation results and fusion performance show that the presented method is effective in terms of mutual information, quality of fused image (QAB/F), standard deviation, peak signal to noise ratio, structural similarity and considerably better results compared to six typical fusion methods.

Conclusion: The statistical analyses revealed that our algorithm significantly improved spatial features and diminished the color distortion compared to other fusion techniques. The proposed approach can be used for routine practice. Fusion of functional and morphological medical images is possible before, during and after treatment of tumors in different organs. Image fusion can enable interventional events and can be further assessed.


Image Fusion, Empirical Mode Decomposition, Medical Image

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